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Konu: Need help to replace my lost hearing aid!

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    Need help to replace my lost hearing aid!

    Hi all,

    I was working in a construction company in Vancouver. I got a promotion in my job, and we got shifted to Oshawa. While shifting, I lost my hearing aid. It was an invisible hearing aid. I searched for it everywhere. But I couldn't find it. I tried buying a similar one online, unfortunately, it wasn't suitable for me.

    One of my friends suggested me an audiologist. As I'm new here I don't know much about them. Has anyone heard about them? Is the above-mentioned audiologist fine? Please help me out with your suggestions. Feel free to share your suggestions.
    Thanks in advance!
    Konu Joseph James tarafından (30.Kasım.2018 Saat 04:52 ) değiştirilmiştir.


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