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Alt 7 December 2008, 19:39
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Post Abylon Enterprise v5.50.04.3 + Abylon Admin Beta

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker v1.8.180

Versiyon : v1.8.180
Boyut : 4.36 Mb
Lisans : Tam Sürüm
Dil : Ingilizce
Platform : Windows (Tümü)


This software package offer innovative and professional security and encryption modules for private and commercial use. The encryption based on the certificate based HYBRID-System according to the PKCS-Standard (RSA) and the password based SYMM-System (Blowfish- and AES-Algorithm). The different modules allow the use of smartcards, USB-Token, "EC MoneyCards" with chip and "Health Insurance Cards".

According to the version different modules are offered for encrypting and signing of data (e. g. text, pictures, passwords or email). So the encrypted files are secure for spying of hackers or co-workers. Digital signed files can not be manipulated without notice for the receiver. Therefore the sending of data over unsafe channels (like internet) is without risk.
This software offers large possibilities for encryption of data and safety of your computer. Furthermore the program puts special value onto intuitive operability, simple realisation and high stability. In order of an easy using all modules interact together and have interfaces to standard systems like the windows certificate database, file explorer or outlook.
The package abylon ENTERPRISE contains abylon CRYPTDRIVE (Virtual encrypted drives), abylon SHAREDDRIVE (Encrypted multi-user drives), abylon CRYPTZIP (Compressing tool), abylon CRYPT ASSISTENT (Encrypting assistant), abylon LOGON (Smartcard login), abylon KEYSAFE (Password administration), abylon SHREDDER (File wiper), abylon INTERNETCLEANER (Internet trace wiper) and abylon CRYPTMAIL (Interface and Outlook AddIn to create SME files).

Functional range:
Supporting of the asymmetric (HYBRID-System) and the symmetric encryption (SYMM-System)
In case of the SYMM-System the access rights are controlled with passwords, 'EC MoneyCard' (with chip) or 'Health Insurance Cards'
In case of the HYBRID-System the access rights are controlled with X.509 certificates (smartcard and USB-Token support)
Encryption with Blowfish (448 bit) or AES-algorithm (256 bit)
MS File Explorer PlugIn for encryption, signing, compression and wiping
Creating of signed and encrypted Secure Message Envelopes (SME-files)
Compression in the ZIP-format (incl. user interface)
Generation of X.509 test certificates
Certificate administration with access to the windows certificate database
Encrypted drives (also for multi-user access or the storing on a FTP-server)
User interface for creating of signed and encrypted emails
Outlook AddIn for encryption and signature
Shredder for file and internet trace deleting (maximum Peter Gutman Methode with 35 overwrite circles)
Access data and password manager (incl. Key-Generator)
Secure operating system logon

Tue, 04 Oct 2005

New in this version:
Free selection of encryption and signing algorithm
Intelligent Explorer-Menu
SHAREDDRIVE support the FTP-Protocol
Supporting up to 10 different SHAREDDRIVES and file size limitation cancelled
Many improvements in the module LOGON
Export an import of settings
New wipe level (Peter Gutman Method)
Dynamic language selection
New design
Improved Administration (see also abylon ADMIN)
Easy access on CD-/DVD-drives with the SHAREDDRIVE

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[Link'i Görebilmeniz İçin Kayıt Olunuz.! Kayıt OL]

Rar Şifresi:[Link'i Görebilmeniz İçin Kayıt Olunuz.! Kayıt OL]

Abylon ADMIN BETA - additional tool for administrate in networks the ENTERPRISE Version.

Product description:
This additional module help you to administrate the software abylon ENTERPRISE and set all important settings and access rights for every user in a network. For each user the data are stored in a XML-file and can be copied to the corresponding CONFIG-folder (in the program folder). The software abylon ENTERPRISE analyse these files during the next program start and takes over the settings.

Functional range:
Generating of individual user profiles for the software abylon ENTERPRISE

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